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KER Bio-Bloom PS

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  • KER
  • Prescription Strength Hoof and Coat Conditioner
  • Increases health of damaged hooves
  • Produces shoft shiny coat and healthy growth of mane and tail 
  • Essential amino acids and fatty acids for optimal coat condition
  • 2kg
  • BIOBL2

Horse hoof quality is dependent on balanced nutrition, and the correct building blocks need to be present in the diet to ensure healthy hoof growth. Bio-Bloom™ PS promotes and maintains healthy skin and hooves through the inclusion of key nutrients at levels shown to improve hoof quality and speed growth as well as lecithin and essential fatty acids from full-fat soybean, ingredients that are necessary for production of resilient hoof horn and shiny coats.

Feeding Directions:

Top-dress on feed. Feed 30 g to 60 g per day to horses and ponies. Feed 60 g per day for treatment of acute hoof damage and coat conditioning. Feed 90-120 g to horses recovering from laminitis.

Guaranteed Analysisper 30 g:

Methionine3,000 mg

Zinc200 mg

Iodine2 mg

Biotin20 mg