Josey-Mitchell Skinny Arch Short Lifter Bit

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Style #: 0119-1000

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  • Reinsman
  • Developed by Martha Josey
  • Josey-Mitchell
  • 7 Inch Cheeks
  • 5 1/2 Inch Mouth
  • 5/16 Inch Sweet Iron Mullen
  • 0119-1000


This bit helps lift and stabilize horses that have a tendency to drop their shoulders.  Tightening the curb will increase the leverage for both shoulder lift and rate.  Mullen mouth. 

This is a great bit to have in the tack room because it helps keep a naturally bendy horse from bending too much at the neck, giving you more control of the rib cage.  It will keep their shoulder up and stabilized for the turn.  The shorter shank gives a moderate amount of "Whoa" while the slight gag action give a quick response to help position your horse.  It is a great choice for the intermediate to advanced level horse and can be used for both practice and competition. 

The round ring is your headstall ring.  The tear drop ring will be the rein ring.  This keeps your reins in a at attention position for faster response.  When fitted properly, the mouth should be sitting at the lowest position on the cheek when at rest.  This allows the mouth to float upwards once pressure is applied to the rein.  The curb chain should be started with a two finger spacing between the chain and horse's jaw.  Tightening the curb beyond this point will increase the leverage giving you more lift and rate.   You can check for correct curb chain tightness by pulling on the rein.  If the cheeks do not rotate beyond a 45 degree angle the curb is at its proper beginning tightness.