Josey-Mitchell Short Stop 3Pc Dog Bone Bit | Reinsman | NRS

Josey-Mitchell Short Stop 3Pc Dog Bone Bit

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Style #: 0119-8000

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  • Reinsman
  • Developed by Martha Josey
  • 4 Inch Cheeks
  • 5 1/2 Inch Cheeks
  • 5/16 Inch Twisted Wire w/Dogbone
  • 0119-8000


Great starter bit on young horses for bend and flex, Also a great choice for seasoned horses that are already patterned. 

If you are looking to transition up from an O-ring snaffle this would be an excellent choice.  The designated curb ring allows the horse to be introduced to curb pressure under light leverage.  This bit has a mild gag for bend.  This would be an excellent choice for a beginner to advanced horse and is intended to be used for slow work. 

The smallest of the three attached rings is your curb chain attachment.  Your reins will attach to the small 1" ring that the mouth floats down and stops at.  You small 1" ring on the opposite side will be your headstall ring.  You can tell it apart because the mouthpiece will not reach it during movement.