Josey-Mitchell Copper Dog Long Shank Gag Bit

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Style #: 0119-9000

  • Reinsman
  • Developed by Martha Josey
  • 9 Inch Cheeks
  • 5 1/2 Inch Mouth
  • Copper Wrap Dog Bone
  • 0119-9000


Gag action sends warning to the horse before pressure is applied.  3 piece mouth with dog bone offers additional leverage to the corners of the mouth providing a responsive feel.  Longer shanks offer increased leverage and more control.

This is a great choice for horses that need help picking up their shoulder.  This long shank bit gives more leverage, lift and control.  Great for horses that are harder to stop.  This 3pc twisted wire mouth with the copper dogbone keeps the horse's attention without being too severe.  This is intended for a more advanced horse to use during competition. 

The round 1" ring will be your headstall connection point.  This will also be the ring to attach the curb chain.  The tear drop shaped ring at the opposite end will be your rein connection.  You can check your curb chain's tightness by pulling on the rein.  If the cheeks do not rotate beyond a 45 degree angle the curb is at its proper beginning tightness.