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Johnson & Johnson Elastikon Elastic Tape 4in

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  • Helps to maintain constant controlled pressure
  • Excellent adhesion, unsurpassed strength
  • High twist, porous cotton elastic material with rubber-based adhesive
  • Flexible with excellent adhesion and strength where maximum strength is necessary
  • Porous backing
  • Convenient, custom fit around hard-to-fit areas
  • 4" x 2.5 yards (roll); 4" x 5 yards (stretched)
  • Single Roll
  • 005177

ELASTIKON® Elastic Tape was trademarked back in 1926. Many Veterinarians first learned about ELASTIKON® Brand tape for use on animals during Veterinary school. ELASTIKON®Brand tapes are known to provide reliable support for sprains,strains, fractures and muscle injuries on all types of weight-bearingjoints. The choice of ELASTIKON® Elastic Tape for animalapplications of countless types is a widespread recommendation at thehighest levels of Veterinary education institutions. Has a uniquecombination of the ability to stick to the hoof, ability to stick toitself, enough of a fabric consistency that it does not wear through,yet is comfortable and safe.