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Hot Heels Jakesteer Replacements Horns Long

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  • Hot Heels Brand
  • Jakesteer
  • Long Replacement Horns
  • 12 inch horns
  • Fits Most Models of Jakesteer
  • Replacement Bolt Sold Separately
  • LH1

These long replacement horns measure 12 inches a piece. If you're looking for the premier heading dummy on the market today, then look no further. Jakesteer is affordable, durable, and Jake Barnes says "It's the best heading dummy on the market." Our Jakesteer, used and endorsed by 7-time World Champion Header, Jake Barnes, is a life-size portable heading dummy that has three (3) different lengths of horns that can be set in eight different positions to practice shots for hard to rope horns. Jake said, “This is the best dummy I’ve ever used,” and he carries a Jakesteer in his pickup to all his ropings. When he sees the steer he drew, he can duplicate the horns for more precise practice. With a neck and shoulders like a real steer, his rope avoids interference from a bale of hay. Short horns or long horns, and in any position you can imagine, Jakesteer is the best heading dummy around!

Rope anywhere you can swing a rope. No messy bale of hay needed; sits on any surface. Can be used by beginners or pros. Has neck and shoulder like a real steer; lets rope curl without interference from bale of hay. Comes with heavy-duty handle which enables you to move Jakesteer with ease. Neck carpet gives a life-like feel when your rope strikes the dummy. "The Best Dummy is the Jakesteer." Spin to Win