Priefert Horse Stall Front Post Connectors

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  • Double Connector with Standard Spacing
  • Powder Coat finish
  • Where the stall fronts come together one stall front connects to one side of the conector and the other stall front connects to the other side
  • One conector required for the top of the stalls and one connector required for the bottom of the stalls
The Standard Spacing Connector will allow you to connect stall fronts to the front of post that are on 10’ or 12’ centers with 10’ or 12’ stall fronts and maintain the 10’ or 12’ centers. Where two stall fronts come together at a post one stall fronts connects to one side of this connector and the other stall front connects to the other side to maintain 10’ or 12’ centers. Will need one of these connectors for the top connection and one for the bottom connection for each post.The Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish helps the product to resist rust, scratches, and fading to add years of life to your investment.