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Helix MX 4-Strand Heel Rope

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  • Lone Star Rope Company
  • MX Helix
  • Core Rope
  • Heel Rope
  • Four Strand
  • 35'
  • 3/8" Full
  • Core is lab-proven by ASTM Textile Standards to be far superior in tensile strength than any traditional core
  • Tighter twisted "cord" physically adds more body.
  • The Body of the Helix is created from the inside out
  • Offers a subtle, slightly easier swing feel, while maintaining that strong body that historically was only found in harder lays
  • You will notice added body performance without having to add hardness
  • It is easier to swing, dally and catch with
  • It has a bit less stretch due to the higher tensile strength of the core
  • The balanced behavior of the rope will yield faster times, it will keep the hondo straight and keep the coils from breaking down


"Every Helix is made equal in terms of quality, feel and material.Only the outer shell strands change the diameter. This allows ropers anindustry first - a choice of weight and size in the same feel andconstruction. The Helix was engineered for more consistency andtolerance in environments from Northern chill to Southern heat (even inthe same day) No other rope has been so precisely crafted with thischaracteristic." -Paul Sullivan, Lone Star Rope Co. GM