Healthy HairCare Herbal Horse Wash

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Style #: HHHW32

  • Horse Grooming Solutions
  • Easy to use spray system
  • Wash and rinse
  • Up to 10 washes
  • 32 oz wash applicator
  • HHHW32

Healthy HairCare Herbal Horse Wash - Powerful, easy to use spray system; wash & rinse at the turn of a switch. Sprayer system draws and delivers at a preset dilution ratio for a perfect wash every time. Herbal Horse Wash will make your horse deep down clean and shiny in minutes. Wash bucket & sponge not needed.

32 oz wash applicator, up to 10 washes


Ginseng Root, Alfalfa, Wheat Germ, Licorice, Nettle, Aloe Juice, Soy Protein, & Arnica Montana Flower