Health-E Maximum Strength Vitamin 180 servings

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  • HIghest potency of Vitamin E
  • Low in sugar and starch making it safe for insulin resistant, Cushings and PSSM/EPSM horses
  • Contains no selenium or fillers. 
  • Also available in 60 servings
  • 180 servings
  • 10003-2

The HIGHEST potency Vitamin E supplement for horses in the country at over 16,000 IU/oz. Health-E is the best economical value on the market. Contains all 8 forms of alpha tocopherol which doctors recommend. University certified for Vitamin E strength. No fillers, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. The ONLY Vitamin E certified safe for IR, Cushings, and PSSM/EPSM horses due to low sugar, starch, and fructans. Tastes great. Used for horses on dirt lots, no turnout, little grass pasture, neurological horses (EPM, EDM, Motor Neuron), muscle sore, tie up, PSSM/EPSM, liver problems, eye disorders, skin damage, and Heaves/COPD. Contains no selenium.