Harness Leather Shoofly Curb Strap

Harness Leather Shoofly Curb Strap

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  •  Harness Leather Shoofly Curb Strap
  • Assorted Colors
  • Tie Down Strap Hobbles
  • TA012035

Classy way to have a strap to run your tie down strap through that attaches to your breast collar. Helps protect your horse from stepping between the strap and his neck in case of a stumble. Handmade with harness leather. Much nicer than a piece of bailing string. Assorted colors. Harness Leather Shoofly Curb Strap

Tie Down Strap Hobbles
If the tie down strap is adjusted properly when roping or running barrels, it will hang loosely when the horse drops it’s head. If the strap hangs too low, the horse can step in it, causing a dangerous situation when running at high speeds. These hobbles easily attach to the center ring of your breast collar. Run the tie down strap through the hobble when attaching it to the cinch and it will keep it up and out of the way. This is important for the safety of horse and rider.