Happy Hen Brown Ceramic Nest Eggs 2 Pack

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  • Brown ceramic
  • Help to encourage egg laying
  • Used to test broodibess
  • Discourage chickens from pecking/eating eggs
  • Use for home decor
  • Durable and realistic-looking
  • 2 Pack
  • Made in the USA
  • 089-17055

Quality ceramic eggs from Happy Hen Treats are excellent for many useful purposes!  Place ceramic eggs inside nest boxes to encourage egg laying.  The use of ceramic eggs is an excellent way to retrain hens that may have developed a habit of laying eggs in less suitable locations.

Ceramic eggs can also be used to test for broodiness, to discourage chickens from pecking/eating eggs, for home decor, and much more! 


Add nest eggs to your chicken's nest box to encourage laying and reduce pecking.

Happy Hen Treats were the inspiration of a seven year old girl namedKassidi, who raised chickens in her backyard in a small town justoutside of San Antonio, Texas. During a trip to the pet store topurchase treats for the family’s dog, Kassidi asked her father if shecould also buy treats for Bailey, her favorite chicken. As her fathergently explained that treats were not available for chickens, he couldquickly see that his explanation was not setting well with Kassidi. Sheinsisted on searching the store in hopes of finding something special totake home to Bailey.

Less than a year later, Happy HenTreats developed Mealworm Frenzy and declared it to be “The World’sFirst Treats for Chickens.” Thanks to one little girl’s vision anddetermination, chickens across the country can now enjoy a special treatdeveloped especially for them.

Because so many others shareKassidi’s passion for raising and caring for pet chickens, Happy HenTreats continues to expand their line of quality products madespecifically for chickens.