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Style #: GUTMAX

  • 1197 Health LLC
  • Daily supplement to promote gut health 
  • Encourages peak performance in all equiine disciplines
  • 1 Gallon

A horse's gastrointestinal health begins with not only what they are fed, but also with the supplements they take.  GutMax is derived from a proprietary catalyst and was developed as a daily health supplement to promote perfect gut health and encourage peak performance in all equine disciplines.


Catalyst Matrix ........10%

    - Bacillus Cereus:   Bacillus Mycoides

     - Pseudomanas:   Chryseobacterium Culicis

     - Fictibacillus Arsencius: Fictibacillus Nanhaiensis

Culture Based Medium.........90%

Ingredients: Natural water

Feeding Instructions:  Feed 4-8 oz daily. 

For best results give equally in the AM and PM.  Best given at time of feeding.