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SynNutra GastroMend Supplement for Horses 30 dose

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  • SynNutra
  • For horses at risk of developing gastric ulcers
  • Supports gastric and hindgut health for optimum nutrient absorption
  • Helps maintain a healthy appetite
  • Premium nutritional support for horses
  • 30 doses 
  • GMEND30

GastroMend® is a premium nutritional supplement developed specifically for managing gastric ulcers in horses i.e., Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome. GastroMend® is a new approach to managing gastric ulcers. Instead of managing pain by decreasing stomach acid production, GastroMend® is designed to promote healing of the equine gastric ulcers while maintaining the normal digestive functions with stomach acid production. In addition, GastroMend provides the most cost-effective and natural approach to gastric ulcer management in the horse.

GastroMend is formulated with high quality natural ingredients that have been proven to promote healing and prevent gastric ulcers. Specifically, naturally derived pentacyclic triterpenoids promote gastric ulcer healing by increasing collagen hand fibronectin production. Collagen and fibronectin are critical components how the basement membrane and of the healing process. The natural components of GastroMend® have also been shown to improve the quality of the mucous layer in the stomach and prevent gastric ulcers in challenge studies.