Forage First GS

Forage First GS

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  • ADM Animal Nutrition
  • Gastric support supplement for all ages of horses and performance levels
  • Alfalfa is the first ingredient which has been shown to help support gastic lining
  • Low non-starch carbohydrate 
  • Does not contain molasses or cereal grains
  • Elevated levels of Zinc and Vitamin E
  • Pelleted for easy top dress on feed
  • 40lb bag
  • 81870AAA25

Today’s performance horses are challenged with a multitude of stressors including exercise, hauling, and stall confinement. Additionally, they are typically fed larger amounts of concentrates (i.e., commercial feeds and cereal grains) to support high energy requirements, which may lead to a suboptimal gastric environment, ultimately causing stomach discomfort. In fact, an estimated 90% of all performance horses experience gastric distress which can negatively affect performance, attitude, and overall health.

Forage First® GS provides needed nutritional support for optimal gastric health. Its unique blend of ingredients support a healthy gastric pH while helping protect and strengthen the stomach lining.