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FarmTek Wireless Handswitch

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If you are using the handswitch for Ranch Sorting events, be sure to order the Ranch Sortingversion of the handswitch. Both versions of the handswitch can provide all handswitchfunctions, however, the ranch sort version is optimized for ranch sorting events andthe regular version is optimized for general start/stop operation.

FarmTek Wireless Handswitch

  • For Ranch Sorting events, the pen judge can use the handswitch to record the time that eachcow is penned. Times can now be recorded on the official timer and displayed on a scoreboard(if used) instead of using a separate stop watch ("lap timer") for this purpose. Note: TheRanch Sorting version of the handswitch has an external antenna not shown in the picture.
  • For Cutting or Team Penning events, the start line flagger can use the wireless handswitch tostart the timer. Give the pen judge a handswitch to remotely stop the timer when team penning.This improves accuracy over flagging the lines.
  • For Roping events, the arena judge on horseback can stop the ropers' time directly. This saves thetimekeeper from having to closely watch the judge's flag to stop the timer.
  • If hand-timing a roping, the Average Time mode of the Polaris timer will average the hand-timesof two timekeepers. One or both of the hand-times can be started and stopped with the wireless handswitch
  • For Show Jumping events, the wireless handswitch can be used to remotely stop and start the timerwhen timing must be stopped for a dislodged jump. Two bursts of the horn are sounded when the timeis stopped, one burst of the horn is sounded when timing is restarted. If required, the restarthorn can be sounded on the first press and time restarted on a second press.
  • For bull riding and rough stock events, the remote handswitch can be given to an operator whois in better view of the release gate for starting the timer.