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FarmTek Additional Heeler Barrier

by Farmtek
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Style #: FTO-002

  • FarmTek
  • Heeler Barrier
  • 1Reciever
  • 1 Transmitter
  • FTO-002

FarmTek "Elecetronic Sports Timing"

The FarmTek Additional heeler barrier includes 1 receiver and 1 transmitter. Adding a heeler barrier to the basic roping timer package is simple to do and the carrying case already has a spot for the additional heeling barrier.

A FarmTek timer automatically starts timing at zero when the steer crosses an electric eye at the score line. Broken barrier? An electric eye on the rider's box(es) checks for breakouts. The timer sounds a horn and shows the breakout. The timekeeper simply has to press the STOP button when the arena judge drops the flag. No reset required — no waiting for lights to turn on or off, no missed resets, no delays! The rider's breakout time can be displayed during a roping event. The breakout time shows by how much the header led the steer (breakout) or trailed the steer (clean run). The Roping Practice Mode lets you practice against the electric eye barrier and measure your time leading or trailing the steer without requiring someone to operate the timer console. Do you need to average the time of two manual times for your roping event? This can be done by adding one or two of our wireless hand switches. With one hand-switch, one judge presses the  start/stop button on the Polaris timer and the second judge uses the hand-switch. With two hand-switches, both judges use a wireless hand switch. The Farm Tek timing systems are used throughout the world, including the NRS Training Center for timing all types of equestrian events. The basic package is a complete roping system with steer and header eyes. It is ready to time barrel races, pole bending, bull riding, team penning, cutting, etc.