Face Flyps For Cattle Rub

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Style #: PHW02

  • Constructed from orlon and polyester
  • Strips made to hang from Cow Life-Cattle Rubs
  • Enough flyps for one (1) cattle rub
  • Wick solutions directly from the rub onto the face
  • Effective pink-eye protection and face fly control
  • 22 count pack
  • PHW02

PH White Face Flyps package contains 22 Face Flyps for use with one (1) Cow Life-Cattle Rub.  The polyester face flyps wick solution directly from the rub onto the face, giving effective pinkeye protection and face fly control.

Simply tie the split ends of the Face Flyps tightly around The Rub,one approximately every 6 inches. Treat The Rub and Flyps with about 2 gallons of insecticide solution.

Easy - Effective - Economical

Cattle Rub Insecticide Chart:

Insecticide Active Ingredients Mix Rate-per Gallon
#2 Diesel Oil or Mineral Oil
Brute Pour-On 10% Permethrin 1.6 oz
Co-Ral 6.15% Coumaphos 9.75 oz
Permectrin 10% 10% Permethrin 1.6 oz
Permectrin Pour-On 1% Permethrin 16 oz  
Prozap Insectrin X 10% Permethrin 1.6 oz
Pyranha Stock Guard 10% Permethrin & 10% Piperonyl Butoxide 1.6 oz