eZall Total Body Wash Gallon

eZall Total Body Wash Gallon

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Our new green formula has even morecleaning power and has a fresh natural scent. When you bathe your horse,cattle, livestock or pets with our body wash, you'll see amazingresults fast. As you spray on our plant-based body wash, dirt loosensand rinses away in minutes without scrubbing. Your animal's coat andskin will be soft and well-cleaned, which helps prevent fungus andmites. A little of this natural and safe cleaner goes a long way - eachwash takes just a few ounces. Gallon.

Weaver Leather - The Story

Our roots in the equine industry run deep. Handcrafting the highestquality products from the finest materials is in our blood. It’s ourheritage and our passion and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

What began as a two-man harness and shoe shop in 1973 has changeddramatically through the years, but what remains the same is ourunwavering commitment to your complete and total satisfaction. Ourfounder Harry A. Weaver built the fledgling company on a strongfoundation of meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional customer servicethat still guides Weaver Leather to this day.

Early on, Harry saw an opportunity in the marketplace for dependableequine products that stand the test of time. He started handcraftingleather horse halters and selling them to local harness and tackshops.These halters were an immediate hit with both horse owners andretailers and demand grew for more leather products from this smallbusiness that was originally run out of a 20' x 40' garage. Harryroseto meet the challenge and changed the company’s name from theFryburgShoe Shop to Weaver Leather Goods to better reflect thecompany’s newdirection.

Today, we keep the values of our past in mind while looking to thefuture. Our team is committed to upholding the quality standards we’reknown for while continually innovating to meet the needs of themodernhorse enthusiast. From rugged tack you can depend on day inand day outto cutting-edge products you can only get from WeaverLeather, when youRide the Brand®, you ride for a heritage of qualityand dependability.