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Exclusive Adult Chicken Brown Rice

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    •  PMI Nutrition
    • Real Chicken is the #1 ingredient, high-quality protein
    • Supports strong immune system with a variety of antioxidants from blueberries & cranberries, as well as Vitamins E & C
    • Naturally sourced fiber from beet pulp and Chicory root promotes a healthy digestive system
    • Rich in Vitamin A and Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids help maintain a radiant coat & skin
    • Natural sources of glucosamine help support healthy joints
    • Wholesome grains provide carbohydrates for  energy
    • 5 lbs.
    • 3003110-746

    Real meat.  Real protein.  Real Delicious.

    Premium nutrition for a normally active dog.

    The exceptional ingredients in Exclusive® Dog Food were chosen to give today’s dogs what they’ve always liked, and what they’ve always needed: real meat and real protein. It was true when dogs lived in the wild, and it’s true today. As a result, the #1 ingredient in Exclusive® Dog Food is savory, real meat including lamb, chicken, turkey or fish. We’ve also added a carefully-selected balance of fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains to support their health—but left out the corn, soy, wheat and artificial flavors & preservative.