Ethical Pet Gigglers Pals

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Style #: ETH4354RP

  • Ethical Pet
  • Soft multi-textured toys make great snuggle toys for your buddy.
  • Floppy bodies with rope legs make these guys great for shakin’ and tossin’.
  • Special noisemaker inside makes a giggling noise when pups play.
  • 12-inch toys are ideal for small to medium dogs and puppies.
  • Comes in three different animal characters. Each order ships with one toy chosen at random—see which one you get!
  • ETH4354RP

Watch hilarity ensue when you bring out the Ethical Pet Gigglers Pals Dog Toys. These fun-loving toys feature a special giggle sound mechanism that drives playful dogs batty! They’re made of soft textured plush for oodles of cuddles, with floppy arms and rope tug legs for extra tuggy fun. Twelve-inch toys work great for small to medium dogs, in assorted characters that ship at random for a fun surprise.