Equiderma Dog Hot Spot Skin Lotion 16oz


Style #: 011-076755

  • Equiderma
  • Keeps skin healthy and free of irritation
  • Steroid and antibiotic free
  • Non-toxic, No-rinse formula
  • Does not sting
  • 16oz
  • 011-076755

For the Love of Dog's Skin Lotion is the first line of defense for your pet’s skin needs, no matter the species. Our formula will never burn or sting and provides proven relief for irritated skin as a result of biting, scratching, chewing and licking. Great for all animals to keep the skin healthy and free of irritation. From your home to the farm or ranch, For the love of Dogs Skin Lotion makes caring for your pet simple and easy. 100% GUARANTEED for effectiveness.

Key Benefits:

  • An innovative topical solution for the care of wounds, infections, and irritations caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or spores
  • A safe steroid-free, antibiotic-free, non-toxic no-rinse solution
  • Will not harm healthy tissue
  • Does not sting when applied. This product kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.
  • This skin lotion is a proven formula for skin conditions associated with dry, itchy, smelly, unhealthy coats, ringworm, yeast, hot spots, mange, mallezia, and sebaceous adenitis.
  • Weight: 16 oz.
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