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Elevate Maintenance Powder 10lb

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  • Kentucky Performance Products
  • Supplies your horse with a highly absorbable and readily available source of natural vitamin E
  • Easy and affordable way to meet your horse's essential vitamin E needs
  • Does not contain other vitamins or minerals allowing high vitamin E requirements to be met without causing imbalances
  • Contains 1000IU of natural vitamin E per 7 gram scoop
  • Also available in 2lb 
  • 10lb
  • 78928093

Elevate was developed to provide a highly bioavailable source of natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) to horses. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, limits the damage caused by everyday oxidative stress. It maintains healthy muscle and nerve function and supports a strong immune system in horses of all ages.

Vitamin E cannot be synthesized by the horse; therefore, it is considered an essential nutrient. The best source of vitamin E is fresh green grass; however, the potency of vitamin E declines very quickly once forages are harvested and dried. Vitamin E requirements vary from situation to situation. Multiple research studies have shown that vitamin E is often deficient in the diets of horses that do not have access to continual grazing on fresh green grass, or those grazing on winter pasture. Performances horses with demanding workloads, growing horses and seniors can be exposed to increased levels of oxidative stress and therefore require higher levels of vitamin E in their diets. Studies reveal that horses challenged by neurological disease benefit from supportive natural vitamin E.

  • Elevate Maintenance Powder supplies your horse with a highly absorbable and readily available source of natural vitamin E that quickly provides necessary nutrients.
  • Elevate offers you an easy and affordable way to meet your horse’s essential vitamin E needs.
  • Elevate Maintenance Powder does not contain other vitamins or minerals. Horse owners can safely adjust the amount fed to support horses with high vitamin E requirements without worrying about causing imbalances.