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Dutton Twisted Wire Low Floating Hood Bit

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Style #: A-82-122

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  • Dutton Bits
  • Low Floating Hood (very similar to a dogbone mouthpiece)
  • Ridges in the twisted wire bars motivate horses to not brace against the rider's hands.
  • Allows for more feel to the bars without more pressure
  • 3 Small Copper Rings promote salivation in the mouth, enhancing the taste of the bit to a horse as well as a horse that is nervous can roll this rings in its mouth for relief
  • This Short Shank Bit design has a 2.5" purchase, 3.5" shank and a 6.5" cheek
  • The bars of this bit are angled for mullen relief that makes a bit to sit comfortably in a horses mouth
  • Light to Medium Severity
  • A-82-122

This is a great bit that will meet the need for a lot of horse and rider's. The hood on this bit acts very similar to that of a dogbone mouthpiece. It is a three piece bit that lays nicely across the bars and tongue and allows reach to the outside pressure points of the bars.