Dutton Bits Twisted Dogbone Bit

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Style #: TD-82

  • Twisted  Wire Dogbone Mouth
  • Medium Severity to severe with no rein release
  • 3-piece Mouth
  • 1-3/4in Copper Wrapped Dogbone creates salivation
  • Tear Drop Shaped Short Shank
  • Short shank demands instant reaction
  • Shanks swivel independently aiding in lateral flexion
  • Reins move loosely in the tear drop creating a soft feel
  • TD-82

The Dutton Twisted  Wird Mouth Dogbone Bit is one of Greg's most useable bits. This little power house is short shanked so it demands instant reacton. the three piece mouth allows perfect communication between your hands and the direct rein. The copper wrapped dogbone creates salivation so that the twist is easier to accept. This bit in general is medium severity but can be fairly severe with no rein release.

6 inch Tear Drop Cheek Bits
Tear drop shaped short shank bit is great for young horses as a transition from the ringed snaffle to a shank bit. The shanks swivel independently from the mouthpiece aiding in lateral flexion. The reins move loosely in the tear drop creating a soft feel.

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