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Dutton Smooth Copper Wrapped Dogbone 6 1/2in. Cheek Bit

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Style #: A-19

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  • Dutton Bits
  • Copper Wrapped Dogbone
  • 3/8" Inlayed Copper Smooth Bar Mouthpiece to increase salivation
  • Swept Back Shank to prevent a horse from biting or getting the shanks of the bit in their mouth
  • This Short Shank Bit design has a 2.5" purchase, 3.5" shank and a 6.5" cheek
  • Shanks swivel independently from mouthpiece aiding in later flexion
  • This mouthpiece reaches to the outside pressure points of the bars
  • Being a three piece mouthpiece allows for tongue relief
  • Light Severity
  • A-19

A step up from the teardrop bit design, the shanks swivel independently from the mouthpiece aiding in later flexion. The dogbone mouthpiece is a broken 3-piece that gives tongue pressure relief and allows pressure to the outside bars of the horses mouth. Click here to see this same mouthpiece in different shank options, the LMS,  the CCL,