Dutton Bits Smooth Angled Square Port Cavalry Bit


Style #: 07-BH5

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  • Dutton Bits and Spurs
  • Angled Square Port for Palate Pressure, thus encourages a horse to flex vertically (i.e. break at the poll)
  • Copper Rings promote salivation in the mouth, enhancing the taste of the bit to a horse as well as a horse that is nervous can roll this rings in its mouth for relief
  • There is four moving parts to this bit, both shankes move as well as the port moves where it is double jointed to the bars of the bit
  • This Cavalry Cheek Bit design has a 2.5" purchase, 5" shank and an 8" cheek
  • The bars of this bit are angled for mullen relief that makes a bit to sit comfortably in a horses mouth
  • Comes with a bit hobble
  • 07-BH5


This Square Port bit has a slight angle on the port to lay nicely in a horse's mouth, that way the port is not exsuding palate pressure unless leverage is applied to the shanks of the bit. This bit would be great for a seasoned rope horse that you need to "hold" in the box by the angle on the port and smooth bar mouthpiece will rest nicely in a horse's mouth. The square edges on this port is more pressure than that of a rounded port, thus encouraging a horse to flex vertically at the poll. The 8" Cavalry cheek will also add additional leverage to the bars, chin and poll adding to the vertical flexion.