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Dutton Short Shank Low Square Ported Chain Bit

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Style #: CCL-CH5

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  • Dutton Bits
  • 1 1/4" x 2" Square Port (this bit will not work a lot off of palate pressure on the roof of the horses mouth since the port is not 2" or higher)
  • Chain Mouthpiece over the bars that are twisted backwards allows for equal pressure and release on both sides of the bars in the horses mouth
  • This CCL Short Shank design has a 2 1/4" purchase, 3 1/4" Shank and a 6" cheek
  • Light to Medium Severity
  • CCL-CH5

The swept back short shank is great for younger horses or a pleasure to ride on your finished horses. The ported chain mouthpiece applies pressure mainly on the bars and outer edge of the tongue, while allowing tongue relief to the center of the tongue where the port is located.