Dutton Bits S Cheek One by One Copper Inlay Bit

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Style #: A-37I


  • Dutton Bits
  • S Cheek
  • 1" Port Height x 1" Port Width
  • (No Palate Pressure since its under 2" in Height)
  • Copper Inlaid Bars
  • A-371

 This Dutton S Cheek One By One Copper Inlay bit applies pressure mainly on the bars and outer edge of the tongue, while allowing tongue relief to the center of the tongue, where the port is located. This bit encourages excellent collection and vertical (poll) functions. Four moving parts to this bit, both shanks move as well as the port moves where it is double jointed to the bars of the bit. The bars of this bits are angled for Mullen relief which allows the bit to sit comfortably in a horses' mouth.