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Dutton 5 inch S cheek High Ported Chain Bit

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Style #: A-CH-4

  • Cavalry Cheek High Ported Chain Bit
  • 5in S Cheek design
  • Medium Severity
  • 2" high port for good lateral and collection functions
  • Chain pieces collapse across the bars encouraging flexion.
  • Excellent feel and give providing quick response and release
  • A-CH-4

 8” S-Cheek collection, Greg’s newest line is a great option for those that love the feel of the 8” cheeks, but are looking for a bit with a quicker response time and a little less leverage. A great cheek for roping or general riding. Greg recommends trading out between at least three different bits each time you ride in order to keep your horse soft and supple. The 5” cheeck is a great option to add to your program and is available in a variety of mouthpieces.