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Dutton 5/8in. Small Donut with Chain 6 1/2in. Cheek Bit

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Style #: A-CH-09

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  • Dutton Bits
  • 5/8" Small Donut Lifesaver Ring
  • Allowing limited reach to the outside pressure points on the bars of the mouth
  • Lifesaver bits help prevent any pinching in the mouth of a horse
  • This is a mild bit all the way around and will achieve nice lateral movement
  • This Short Shank Bit design has a 2.5" purchase, 3.5" shank and a 6.5" cheek
  • Being a broken mouthpiece this bit offers tongue relief
  • A couple of small copper rings are placed on the bottom half of the donut toencourage salivation in the horses mouth and reduces stress
  • Swept Back Shank to prevent a horse from biting or getting the shanks of the bit in their mouth
  • Chain Mouth Across The Bars that are twisted backwards allows for equal pressure and release on both sides of the bars in the horses mouth
  • Light Severity
  • A-CH-09

This is a great bit for a horse that is needing a mild bit with easy signals from your rein pressure. This bit allows for tongue relief since it is a broken mouthpiece, you will achieve nice lateral movement with this bit also since the shanks of this bit move indepently. The two small copper rings are to promote salivation in the horses mouth. Click here if you would like to see this same mouthpiece in a 8" Cheek.