Dutton 3-Piece Floating Hood with Rollers Cavalry 8in. Cheek Bit

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Style #: 07-122

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  • Dutton Bit
  • 3-Piece 1 1/4" Floating Wire Hood (the port/hood is not big enough to use off of palate pressure)
  • Loose copper rollers that are great for bored or nervous horses and also increases salivation
  • Smooth bars are copper inlayed
  • This Cavalry Shank Bit design has a 2.5" purchase, 5" shank and an 8" cheek
  • Pressue applied on the outside pressure points of the bars
  • A swept back shank to discourage a horse from playing with the shank.This cheek allows for great balance to the bit as well as the lengthincreases the amount of leverage to your horse's chin and poll.
  • Light Severity
  • Comes with a bit hobble
  • 07-122

3-piece mouth with copper inlayed bars and small wire hood, center bar with loose copper roller rings that are great for a nervous or fidgity horse that needs something to mess with in their mouth. Most pressure from this bit is applied on the outside pressure points of the bars. Click here to see the same mouthpiece but in the CCL cheek.

8" Cavalry Cheek Bits
This 8" "S" cheek is one of Greg’s most popular cheeks. With excellent feel and give, these cheeks provide quick response and release for both horse and rider. The traditional cavalry shape also helps keep the horse from grabbing the shank of the bit and playing with it. In stock for your convenience with our most requested mouthpieces, these bits are available to help you improve communication with your horse right now.