Dutton 1/4in. Small Smooth Offset D-Ring Snaffle Bit

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Style #: 43-32-SM

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  • Dutton Bits
  • 1/4" Small Diameter Smooth 2-piece Snaffle Mouthpiece
  • 2 inch Dee Rings
  • Great for building sensitivity to a horse's mouth with direct cue's
  • The small diameter of this bit can be harsh to a horse's mouth if used daily, we suggest using this bit and then rotating to a 43-43 and a CCL-19
  • 43-32-SM

This small diameter dee ring is wonderful to build a horse's sensitivity to pressure compared to a traditional snaffle that offers great direct cue's for your horse's but if it is using improperly it can teach a colt to brace or lean on your hands. This small diameter would be a great bit to teach a colt release to pressure.