Dow Agrosciences Remedy Ultra 1 gallon

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Style #: AC161

  • Dow Agrosciences 
  • Herbicide
  • Controls more than 35 woody plant species and several broadleaf weeds. 
  • 1 Gallon
  • 1 to 4 quarts per acre in a total spray volume of 5 or more gallons per acre.
  • 10114810

Remedy® Ultra herbicide brings a powerful option to rangeland and pasture brush control, which protects and enhances grazing, improves forage production and utilization, and preserves the land resource long term. Remedy Ultra is registered across the country to quickly and effectively eliminate encroaching brush, maintain fence lines or renovate overgrown areas in Rangeland, permanent greass pastures, conservation reserve program acres, fencerows & nonirrigation ditch banks.

The new, nonpetroleum-based formulation in Remedy Ultra provides the same great control you expect from Remedy herbicide. What’s even better is that field trials show Remedy Ultra actually improves control on certain woody species, including mesquite. And that highly effective control comes with outstanding safety to desirable grasses.

What truly differentiates Remedy® Ultra herbicide is the use of a new, nonpetroleum-based, plant-derived formulation. Replacing petroleum distillates in the formulation with methylated seed oil (MSO) results in a low-odor, sweet, esterlike scent, as opposed to the distinctive odor of petroleum distillates. 

Trees, shrubs and other brush seriously deplete pasture production. In addition, woody plants tear down fences, reduce land values and slice cattle carrying capacity. Brush infestations often start out as small, scattered problems, creeping in from pasture perimeters. As those trees and shrubs grow each year, they tighten their grip on grazing capacity, forcing cattlemen and land managers to stock fewer cattle, shorten the grazing season, buy more hay or overuse another pasture.