Classic Equine Black Top Load Hay Bag

by Classic
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Style #: TLHB17BK

  • Top loaded and extra large, making it a snap to fill
  • The top flap velcros shut so hay can't be drug out of the top
  • Hay must be pulled from the wevved squares in front, so it can only come out in small amounts, which lessens waste
  • Long adjustable strap with a snap makes it easy to hang almost anywhere
  • Front and back are made of tough poly for durability and the bottom is mesh, allowing dust and dirt to fall through
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 24" x 9" x 20"
  • TLHB17BK

The Top Load Hay Bag opens wide, making it easy to fill and comfortably holds two to three large flakes of hay. Its top flap is designed to close securely and completely, which helps keep your horse from leaning in and pulling on the top of the bag. The front is constructed with tough, nylon-webbed squares that hold the hay securely and only allow the horse to pull small amounts at a time, which greatly decreases the amount of waste. The adjustable straps and quick snaps make it convenient and easy to hang virtually anywhere in the barn, in a stall, in the trailer or on the fence. Size: 24" x 20" x 9".