DAC Digestive Feed Additive 5lb

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  • Direct Action Company
  • Nutritional aid
  • Supports digestion in horses and ruminants
  • Enhanced with probiotics
  • Also available in 40lb
  • 5 lb
  • DDA05

dac® Digestive Feed Additive provides a nutritional aid to support digestion for horses and Ruminants. dac® Digestive Feed Additive is enhanced with Probiotics.

Yea Sacc®1026 - is a live yeast culture derived from the specific yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1026. Yea Sacc®1026 increases fiber, phosphorus and calcium digestibility in mares, and increases gross energy, total lipids and amino acid absorption. Yea Sacc®1026 Improves milk availability to foals if administered for 3-4 weeks before and throughout the lactation period.

Bio-available Minerals – or chelated minerals are those that have been bonded to two or more amino acids. A mineral in this chelated state allows easy passage through the intestinal wall into the blood resulting in increased metabolism of that mineral. dac® Digestive Feed Additive utilizes organic minerals to increase availability and enhance absorption rates.

Bio-Mos® - is derived from a specific strain of yeast and improves animal performance. Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity is essential for animal performance and Bio-Mos® ‘feeds the GI tract’ and thus plays a critical role in animal nutrition and performance.

Integral® A+ - is a natural solution to help animals achieve their true potential. Its highly successful technology has proven efficacy in over 55 peer-reviewed in-vivo trials in poultry, livestock, companion animals and aquaculture. Integral has been awarded three patents which protect its novel composition and methods of production.

Probiotics - These natural additives help maintain the correct balance of microflora in the large intestine and cecum to help bypass nutrients be completely digested in the gut.

Feeding Directions:

dac® DIGESTIVE FEED ADDITIVE can be fed with either fortified or unfortified grains. Fortified grains contain added vitamins and minerals. dac® DIGESTIVE FEED ADDITIVE can be fed to all classes of horses and large ruminants. Feed dac® DIGESTIVE FEED ADDITIVE at the following rates:


  • 1000 lb. or larger – 2 ounces (2 scoops) per horse per day.
  • 500 – 1000 lbs – 1 ounce (1 scoop) per horse per day.
  • < 500 lbs – ½ ounce (1/2 scoop) per horse per day.

Mature Ruminants (Cattle) – 2 ounces (2 scoops) per animal per day.

Immature Ruminants (Calves) – 1 ounce (1 scoop) per animal per day.