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Crooked Horn Bull Rider Pleather Vest

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Style #: CH-BRP

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    • Crooked Horn Cowboy Protection
    • Fit, form, and function
    • Military grade vest
    • Adjustable
    • Double mouth guard pockets
    • Rear rodeo number attachments
    • Sizes: Youth Small, Youth Medium, Large, Large Tall
    • CH-BRP

    Crooked Horn Cowboy Protection provides the ultimate in 'Fit, Form and Function' protection in our 'Military Grade' vests as implemented from feedback received from professional rodeo participants. We use a combination of a hard shell and top quality inner protection system. This vest is your choice of finished material . The integrity of the front of the vest protection is maintained with a military grade zipper and a hook and loop closure system. Our vests are adjustable at the shoulders and abdominal area thus providing a perfect comfortable fit. All vests are equipped with rear 'rodeo number' attachments. Our vests feature double mouth guard pockets for right or left handed individuals.


    Chest - Large39"-44", Large Tall39"-46"

    Over the shoulder - Large 41"-47", Large Tall 44"-50"

    How to measure:

    Chest measurement - Hold arm out at 90 degrees. Measure down 4 inches from the arm pit. Take the measurement at this height around your chest area.

    Over the shoulder measurement - Measure from the top of the belt at the front of the body to the top of the belt at the back of the body.