Cowboy Tack Turquoise Smooth Snaffle Gag Bit


Style #: 613105

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  • Cowboy Tack by Partrade
  • Turquoise Smooth Snaffle Gag Bit
  • 5 1/8 Inch sweet iron, smooth snaffle mouthpiece
  • 7 inch dark grey steel shank 
  • Stainless steel trims
  • Shank features unique turquoise inlay
  • Product number is 613105

About Cowboy Tack - Cowboy Tack produces durable and practical products designed for the demanding work of American cowboys. These items are crafted by experienced ranchers who have incorporated their own knowledge and expertise into the creation of Cowboy Tack. Each product is a perfect balance of style and utility, a trademark of the Cowboy Tack brand.  While Cowboy Tack honors the heritage of the cowboy lifestyle, the company also embraces modern advancements. By collaborating with a team of professional riders, trainers, and developers, Cowboy Tack strives to produce innovative products that are not only fashionable but also safe and reliable.