Cool Stance 44lb

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  • Stance Equine USA
  • 100% pure coconut meal
  • High density "cool" energy from oil and digestible fiber
  • Less than 2% starch and may reduce the effect of hot or fizzy behavior in horses
  • Low glycemic index feed (less than 11% NSC)
  • Rich in MCT - thought to maintain a healthy gut
  • Balanced source of protein and energy
  • Highly palatable, even for picky eaters
  • Reduces hay requirements
  • May help avoid metabolic disorders
  • 44lb

Cool Stance is premium quality coconut (copra) meal, made from the white part of the coconut, which is dried, baked and ground. It is totally natural and is chemical and GMO free. It is assured quality and routinely tested for Aflatoxins.The oil in Cool Stance (coconut oil) is saturated and rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCT). This means it is highly stable (not prone to rancidity) and can provide your horse with ready, non glucose energy. Most horses love the taste of Cool Stance. It is rich in quality protein, and the oil may assist with coat condition. Cool Stance contains only 11% NSC (sugar and starch) and has a high content of digestible energy. Cool Stance may support horses with metabolic disorders including tying up, laminitis or excitable behavior.

Ingredients: 100% pure coconut meal