Coat Defense Canine and Cat Daily Preventative Powder

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  • Non Toxic
  • Talc Free
  • 2lb Refill bag
  • As a Dry Shampoo and matural deodorant for stinky dogs and cats
  • As a soothing skin aid for pets suffering from itchy angry skin
  • As a natural remedy for yeast infections
  • As a drying and deoderizing human body and foot powder 

 COAT DEFENSE® Canine & Cats daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER  is effective for itch, odor, and yeast because it alters the terrain on the skin. It creates a dry, safe environment that makes it uninhabitable for pests (pathogenic microbes, fleas, mites) to take up residence on your pet. It is not a medication. Many pets find relief within 1-3 days. For those on antibiotics and/or steroids, or have otherwise been immune compromised, results and healing may take 1-2 weeks.

NOTICE:  For best results, discontinue use of shampoos containing SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE, CHLORAHEXIDINE, COAL TAR, and SALYCILIC ACID. If using medicated shampoos with these ingredients, we recommend waiting 3 days to apply our powder.  These chemicals are known skin allergens and remove the protective oils and microbiome that are essential for skin wellness and required by the immune system to provide true healing.