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Co-Ral 1% Livestock Dust 12.5lb

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  • Bayer
  • Easy-to-use
  • Control for horn fly and lice control on beef cattle,lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle
  • Control for lice control on swine
  • Apply using a dust bag, or by direct application to the animal and/or animal bedding
  • Active ingredient: 1% Coumaphos
  • 12.5 lb resealable bag
  • 003-80772262

Directions For Use

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Read entire label and Conditions of Sale before using this product.

Co-Ral 1% Livestock Dust may be used to fill cattle dust bags or it may be applied directly to cattle, swine or swine bedding by use of a shaker can. When used as recommended, Co.Ral 1% Livestock Dust controls horn flies and lice on beef and dairy cattle and lice on swine. Co.Ral 1% Livestock Dust will also reduce face fly populations on cattle; however, as face flies are able to travel over an area of several miles, best reduction of face fly populations is achieved when Co-Ral 1% Livestock Dust is used on an area-wide basis.


The use of mechanical dusters is prohibited.

For external insecticidal use only on specified animals. Do not contaminate feed, troughs, water or water utensils. Provide thorough ventilation while dusting. Do not apply to sick, stressed or convalescent animals.

Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application.

Individuals must limit the number of animals they can treat per day with shaker can to no more than 25 and the area of swine bedding they can treat per day to 1,000 sq. ft.

Do not treat areas such as drinking cups, mangers, or troughs where livestock feed.

Do not contaminate food, feedstuffs, food or feed handling equipment or milk or meat handling equipment.

Entry restrictions: Do not enter treated areas or allow contact with treated animals until dusts have settled.


Suspend the bags by inserting rope, chain or wire through the grommets at the top of the bag and attaching to an overhead structure or by hooking the grommets into hooks fastened to a stationary overhead 2 x 4 board at the heights recommended for louse and horn fly or face fly control. In areas of frequent or heavy rainfall Co-Ral 1% Cattle Duster should be protected from the weather.

Install as many Co-Ral 1% Cattle Dusters as necessary to lanes or other openings to assure proper dusting of the animals. After the bags are in place, pull the rip cord to allow the insecticide to fall into the bottom of the bag. When dust bags are provided on a free-choice basis, allow one 12.5-pound Co-Ral 1% Duster per 25 animals.


Beef and Dairy Cattle
Parasite: Horns Flies, Lice, Face Flies
DUST BAG: Place contents of this package in any commercially available dust bag. Suspend bags in areas frequented by cattle or in gateways or lanes through which the animals pass daily for water, feed or minerals. Bags may also be suspended in loafing sheds or in front of protected mineral feeders. For lactating dairy cows, bags may be suspended in the exit through which cows leave the milking barn. In all cases the bags should be adjusted so that the bottom of the bag will hang four to six inches below the topline of the cattle. For reduction of face flies: (1) The bottom of the bags should be 18 to 24 inches from the ground to insure that the faces of the cattle will be dusted. (2) The bags must be located so the animals will be forced to use them daily.

Parasite: Horns Flies, Lice
Remarks: DIRECT APPLICATION: Co-Ral 1% Livestock Dust may be applied by use of a shaker can. Animals should be thoroughly dusted using not more than 2 oz.* (6 level tablespoonfuls) of dust per animal per treatment. Treat no more than 12 times per year. Do not make applications less than 10 days apart.

Parasite: Lice
Remarks: DIRECT APPLICATION: Apply not more than 1 oz.* (3 level tablespoonfuls) per head as a uniform coat to the head, shoulders and back by use of a shaker can. Treat no more than 6 times per year. Do not make applications less than 10 days apart.

BEDDING TREATMENT: Apply 2 oz.* (6 level tablespoonfuls) uniformly over 30 square feet of fresh, dry bedding by use of shaker can. Treat no more than 6 times per year. Do not make applications less than 10 days apart.

DIRECT APPLICATION AND BEDDING TREATMENT: In severe infestations both individual animals and the bedding may be treated as directed above.

No interval is required between treatment and slaughter or between treatment and use of milk as food.

*Note: 1 oz of this material equals approximately three level tablespoonfuls.