Classic Equine Ropers Sports Powder

by Classic
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Classic Equine "Train Compete Win"

Classic Equine Ropers Sports Powder conveniently fits behind the cantle of your saddle for convenient access.

In 1986 in Granbury, Texas, Classic Rope started as one of thefirst companies to devise and perfect machine manufacturing of thelariat rope. Countless hours were spent formulating rope components thatcould withstand all types of roping conditions, both indoor andoutdoor. Initially founded for the sole purpose of supporting the eventof team roping, Classic was able to offer a consistent structure andsensitive feel in their ropes like no others on the market. Because ofits quality and appeal, Classic Rope quickly became the leading ropemanufacturer that professionals grew to depend on, and still use andtrust today. As Classic Rope surpassed its own horizon, new innovationsunfolded and the next generation of companies developed. In 1995,Classic Equine began by specializing in high quality saddle pads andquickly expanded with more product lines offering the same attention toquality and durability. The current product offering now includesprotective boots, cinches, bits, spurs, winter blankets and sheets, andaccessories. Classic Equine has always worked closely with professionalmen and women from all disciplines of the western industry to test andperfect each product during development. Because the company was foundedand developed by professionals, the form and function of each productserves a specific purpose. The driving purpose of Classic Equine hasalways been to offer the highest quality products available, keeping theperformance horse’s safety and well-being first and foremost in mind.

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