Classic Polar Fleece Cooler Horse Blanket

by Classic
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Style #: CEPFC

  • Sizes: medium (77"-79"), large (80"-82")
  • Machine washable
  • Wicks Away Moisture
  • Speeds Drying in Cold Weather
  • 380 gram Fleece
  • Double Stitched
  • Nylon Bound Edge 

The lush, ultra soft fleece of the FLEECE COOLER cools your horse down slowly and protects from catching chill after a hard workout. Wicks away moisture after bathing, speeds horse clean and dry. Made of rich 380 gram fleece. Attaches with a belly strap and runs up the neck to snap to a halter. Elastic bound head snaps allow extra comfort and freedom of head movement. Zip-up chest and quick snaps allow you to secure it either way. Double stitched, nylon bound edge for extended durability. Machine washable. In 1986 in Granbury, Texas, Classic Rope started as one of the first companies to devise and perfect machine manufacturing of the lariat rope. Countless hours were spent formulating rope components that could withstand all types of roping conditions, both indoor and outdoor. Initially founded for the sole purpose of supporting the event of team roping, Classic was able to offer a consistent structure and sensitive feel in their ropes like no others on the market. Because of its quality and appeal, Classic Rope quickly became the leading rope manufacturer that professionals grew to depend on, and still use and trust today.