Classic 7 1/2in Stainless Cheek Correction Bit | Classic | NRS

Classic 7 1/2in Stainless Cheek Correction Bit

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  • Step up from Floating Spade
  • Taller Port adds Palate Pressure
  • Mouthpiece applies increased pressure to sides of tongue
  • Usually Used on Finished/Broke Horses

Extremely popular with performance riders and trainers from all disciplines, this bit is a step up from the floating spade. The taller port in the mouthpiece creates more palate pressure. The mouthpiece wraps the mouth, applying increased pressure to the sides of the tongue. The wrapping effect is also sensed by the corners of the mouth and the bars, while chin pressure results from applied pressure to the curb. Often used on finished, well-broke horses used in speed events, roping, cutting, reining, and team penning. Good for collection and stopping.