Chavo the Calf Roping Dummy

by NRS
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  •  Chavo the Calf Roping Dummy
  • Detachable head that is interchangeable with a steer head!
  • Fill with Water/Sand/Weights Through Neck
  • Convenient Handle for Easy Transport
  • Economical Shipping
  • NRS-9009

   The new Chavo the Calf Roping Dummy is a must have in the roping practice pen!  This roping dummy has a unique design that features a removable head that allows you to insert weighted material such as sand, water, ect to weigh down the body.  Another benefit of this new Chavo the Steer Roping Dummy is that the detachable head allows for easy packaging and cost efficient shipping.  Along the back line, it has a convenient handle for quick transportation around your arena or mobile enough to take on the road. NRS-9009