Chamberlains Leather Milk Leather Milk Healing Balm

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Style #: CLM-HB-4

  • Chamberlain's Leather Milk
  • Healing Balm
  • 4 oz Tin
  • Comes with a Premium Fine Pore Scrubbing Absorbtion Sponge
  • Made in Texas
  • All-Natural, Non-Toxic
  • CLM-HB-4

How to use the Healing Balm:

1. Clean your leather. Test your cleaner first. Apply gently, and cleanse as much as you keep pulling out grime and dust (but don’t let your leather become too dry). If your leather starts feeling super dry – and if you are treating cracked leather, chances are it’s already going to feel pretty dry by the time you start – it’s a good time to add conditioner. When treating leather that’s been neglected for a while, it’s good to at least give it one treatment of cleaner before you begin, just to remove the layers of dust that have had time to settle inside the leather’s pores.

2. Apply Healing Balm over the scratch/cut/crack using your finger or the application sponge that came with it. You are doing detail work here, rather than giving the leather a complete layer of conditioner. The leather may absorb Healing Balm reasonably quickly, owing to its thirstiness, so just apply a small amount right now, and make sure you test it first before you apply. After you have applied Healing Balm to the distressed area, smooth the leather’s color out with an even, complete spread of standard conditioner. Let the leather dry naturally.

3. You can go over the affected area again with Healing Balm if the blemish is still there. Apply gently, as Healing Balm is a very strong conditioner, and it won’t likely take very much at all to fully condition your leather. Afterwards, apply another even spread of conditioner. You can keep this going until you are satisfied with the results, or until the leather no longer absorbs conditioner – at which point you should buff the leather off and let it dry naturally.&

Concocted from the finest, most meticulously selected ingredients, ranging from cosmetic grade adhesives to deeply conditioning oils and waxes, Chamberlain’s new Leather Milk Healing Balm may be the most intense leather healing remedy on the market yet. Unlike ordinary conditioners, Healing Balm is made especially for aesthetic work, designed for detail and touch up work for leather that’s seen better days. Whether your leather is plagued by scratches, scars, light cracks in the hide, or is just really, really thirsty – Healing Balm will milk it back from its rut with form. Carefully optimized to preserve glossy and shiny finishes, this all-natural, curating potion will enrich the color and vibrancy of your leather, and beautify for years to come. Not for use on suede or other extremely soft leathers.