Chamberlain's Clean and Condition Leather Care Set

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Style #: CLM-1-2-6


  • #1 Condition and rejuvenate
  • #2 Gentle clean
  • 6 oz bottle
  • Chamberlain's
  • CLM-1-2-6

Our flagship leather care duo! Straight Cleaner is optimal when your leather is in need of a more thorough cleaning, and whenever you find it in need of a suppling touch, Leather Care Liniment has just the flavor thirsty leather craves. Apply Straight Cleaner first to deep clean your leather, and follow up with a gentle application of Leather Care Liniment to replenish its oils to maintain that healthy glow for all your quality leather items. For light cleaning and conditioning, Leather Care Liniment also works great on its own.
Includes 2 reusable cotton terry applicator pads for best results!

Test and read instructions before use