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Chamberlain's Clean and Condition Boot and Shoe Care Set

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Style #: CLM-2-6-12

  • For boot's and shoe's
  • 2 piece set
  • #2 for gentle cleaning
  • #6 for conditioning
  • 12 oz bottles
  • Chamberlain's Set
  • CLM-2-6-12

If you have an eye for details, set your eyes on this prize. Our Boot & Shoe Cream and Straight Cleaner collection is the premium solution for maintaining all of your quality leather footwear. Apply Straight Cleaner first to deep clean your leather, followed by an application of Boot & Shoe Cream to replenish the leather’s natural oils and preserve that supple texture. Use Straight Cleaner No. 2 any time you desire to give your item a more thorough leather cleaning. For light cleaning and conditioning, Boot & Shoe Cream also works great on its own.
Test both recipes and read instructions before use.