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Chamberlain's Auto Refresher

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Style #: CLM-4-12

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  • Cleans and Conditions
  • Water based
  • 12 oz bottle
  • Chamberlain's
  • CLM-4-12

Auto Refreshener No. 4 natural, water-based mélange of vital emollients, nutrients and powerful UV protectants. Formula No. 4 boasts as a cleaner and demulcent with added natural UV Protection designed to condition and protect your car’s leather or vinyl interior. Use this environmentally safe recipe for all your leather under the sun! Warning: Use of the gentle and pleasantly scented Auto Refreshener No. 4 may result in a sense of improved engine performance.
 Includes a FREE reusable cotton terry leather conditioner applicator pad for best results!


Test and read instructions before use