Cellarator Turbo Microbial/Electro Paste

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  • ADM Animal Nutrition
  • Cellarator Turbo is a unique 3-in-1 fast acting, oral paste
  • Combines the power of Cell Rate with probiotics, electrolytes, and vitamin E to support performance, deter dehydration, and provides nutritional support needed during stress
  • Can be used for show or performance livestock, horses, deer, and elk of any age or type, especially for animals under stress,such as injury/illness/rehabilitation, transportation, performance, vaccination or breeding.
  • 4 Dose Tube
  • 8279005U

Cell Rate® provides nucleotides that nourish natural cell growth and proliferation, which may have beneficial effects on overall body function (such as maintenance, production,reproduction, growth, immunity, digestion and recovery from injury) and well-being of the animal, especially under stressful conditions,such as show or performance. Almost two decades of research studies involving over 200 trials document Cell Rate’s effectiveness. Studies also show animals consuming Cell Rate had lower levels of stress enzymes and lactic acid versus controls.

Probiotics support digestive function by providing beneficial microorganisms to populate the gastrointestinal tract.

Electrolytes help deter dehydration.

Vitamin E protects body from oxidative damage. The need for vitamin E is vital to immune system functioning and may be especially important for stressed or performance livestock, horses, deer, and elk.